Egholm City Ranger 2250 Suction Outdoor Sweeper


  • 35 HP & 4 cylinder engine and 4 WD – more power and ECO mode
  • Articulated flexibility – turns on a plate and gets into narrow spaces
  • Easy and simple handling – requires no special operator skills
  • Quick shift of attachments in 1 minute – the worlds fastest shift
  • Spare parts stocked for this machine with in-house trained engineers

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The City Ranger 2250 is a utility machine with a complete range of special attachments that allows you to work outdoors, all year round. Sweeping and vacuuming in spring and autumn, mowing grass and lawn-edge cutting in the summer, sweeping snow, and spreading gravel, salt and sand in the winter.

The City Ranger 2250 offers an impressive line-up of advantages for more efficient and environmentally friendly outdoor upkeep. You will gain the value from even less cabin noice and the silence of the attractive ECO mode, which prolongs the lifetime and lowers the cost of operation. Well known features are now made even more attractive.

Quick shift of attachments 

Attachments can be changed quickly and easily. The attachment system has a single lock and release lever – one click and the attachment is on. In less than a minute. Hoses and couplings are hidden (thus well-protected) and the hydraulics and water supply, power and vacuum hose connect automatically.

    • Articulated flexibility
    • 35 HP and 4 wheel drive
    • Quick-shift of attachments in 1 minute
    • Easy and simple handling
    • Tailor-made attachments
    • Operator comfort

Warranty: Comes with a 12 month return to base warranty that covers parts & labour.

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