i-scrub 30EM Pro Battery Orbital Cleaning Machine


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  • 12" disc surface with upright handle operation
  • 14.4kg (including batteries)
  • Runtime: 119 minutes
  • c/w pad holder, tank with pump, pad holder, micro pad and white pad
  • Spare parts stocked for this machine with in-house trained engineers


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Model Details 

Single-disc scrubbing has never been easier. Advanced orbital technology is based on 1650 RPM which simulated an orbital movement with no side forces, so everybody can operate it without training. The i-scrub 30EM is available in two versions: the Pro version with a detachable power cord and the B version is battery powered. The i-scrub 30EM is a nifty machine with a lot of power. The water tank on top ensures you can mix in your chemicals to perfection. To prevent damage to furniture and walls, we’ve created a rubber bumper for you to work freely!

Detachable solution tank

The solution tank is easily detached with a single pull. This makes it easy to fill, refill and clean the tank while on the job.

Closed off cover

The sealed cover design protects the engine from exposure to water. It also adds an extra protective layer to the i-scrub 30EM.

Cord or cordless?

The battery-powered i-scrub 30 EM gives you the flexibility to use it when and where you want to. With only one extra i-power battery you can work 24/7.

Aluminium diecast

Heavy grade aluminium diecast housing adds resistance and weight to the machine, increasing the brush pressure, to clean more in less time.

Quick release handle

Change the length of the handles to suit the working conditions. Use the short handle for precision and an ergonomic position. The long handles can be used to move around obstacles.

Easy transport

The wheels make it easy to take the i-scrub 30 EM pro / B with you everywhere you go. Just fold up the wheels if they get in the way.

One for all

One set of batteries and one charger are enough for a complete floor cleaning system. The i-power batteries power the i-mopXL, i-mop XXL, i-vac4B, i-vac 5B, i-vac 6B, i-vac 9b, i-gum B, i-scrub 30 EM B and the i-light XL.

Run Time for each machine 

The only machines that require the use of 2 batteries to run is the i-mopXL and the i-mop XXL, all other i-team battery machines only need one battery to run, although it is beneficial to purchase a set of batteries, this way you can use one battery while the other charges so you can clean until the job is done without having to stop for recharging. 

 Runtime with 1 i-power 9 battery Runtime with 2 i-power 9 batteriesRuntime with 1 i-power 14 battery Runtime with 2 i-power 14 batteries
i-mop XLMust use 2 batteries to work60-70 minutes  
i-mop XXLMust use i-power 14 to workMust use i-power 14 to workMust use 2 batteries to work60 minutes
i-gumB40 minutes80 minutes50 minutes100 minutes
i-vac 4B30 minutes60 minutes40 minutes80 minutes
i-vac 5B30 minutes60 minutes40 minutes80 minutes
i-vac 6B30 minutes60 minutes40 minutes80 minutes
i-vac 9B30 minutes60 minutes40 minutes80 minutes 
i-scrub 30EM Pro75 minutes 150 minutes119 minutes4 hours 
i-light XL25 hours   

Warranty: Comes with a 12 month return to base warranty that covers parts & labour.


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Hard floors, carpets
Cleaning Width  
304 mm
230 Volts
250 Watts
Noise Level  
77 dB(A)
Run Time  i
1.9 Hours
Rotary Oscillating  i
1650 RPM


Weight  i
14.4 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)

Specifications are subject to change - See Terms & Conditions for more info