Nilfisk CS7010 49 Inch Diesel HYBRID Combination Scrubber Sweeper


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  • Power Source: D1305, 3 Cylinder
  • Battery Run Time: 0 hours
  • Scrubbing Width: 1245 mm
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 284 Litres
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 284 Litres
  • Ride-On Sweeper
  • Spare parts stocked for this machine with in-house trained engineers


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Case Study - The proof is in the pudding!

AED group has operated in the audiovisual industry since 1985, with headquarters in Willebroek (Belgium) and offices in the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. AED Studios is one of the largest, most complete and ecological film and television studios in Europe. It is the perfect destination for all kinds of projects, even the most ambitious ones. The studios accommodate film and television productions, major broadcasts, blockbusters and even corporate events.

The total size of the site is approximately 77,000 m²; of which 55 000 m² is covered. The site includes 16 professional studios surrounded by facilities such as backstage areas, warehouses, offices and restaurants.

In search of a racehorse

''We want our studios to be the most organized in the film and television industry, while systematically ensuring that everything remains clean. This is the aspect that we really need to focus on. To maintain a huge complex like this, we need a real racehorse. This is why we have chosen the Nilfisk CS7010 combined machine. This robust machine allows different areas to be cleaned, both inside and outside. It is fast and very efficient" explains Filip Van Vlem, director of PR and international communication of the group.

The ideal solution

“We use the machine almost every day, depending on the number of events taking place. We clean the studio after each event as the floors may be covered with beer or lemonade stains, for example. The car parks, driveways and roads are covered in dust, debris and leaves. The washing and sweeping features on the machine are essential for the busy warehouses, specifies Kim Van Gaever, one of the two machine operators. And this is the main advantage of the Nilfisk CS7010: the combination of a scrubber-dryer and a sweeper in one machine, with the option of using both features separately or together. As the machine is designed for large surfaces, it is the ideal solution for AED Studios.


In terms of how easy the CS7010 is to use, Kim Van Gaever tells us that he loves the machine and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

“It is extremely easy to handle and it cleans perfectly well. The control panel is very easy to use and the daily maintenance is simple.” Kim has even given the machine a nickname: Dorotha - after his colleague who is also a hard worker.

After the interview, Kim heads to his machine - ready to attack another studio...

Model Details 

GREENER, CLEANER, SMARTER. CS7000 reinvents an entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership, including operation, labour and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency. Now the most economical solution is also the most ecological.

Available in three models, LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower Battery. CS7000 delivers unparalleled performance while replacing the power-hungry, high-maintenance hydraulic system with efficient, state-of-the-art Electric Drive Technology. Whichever model you choose, the CS7000 delivers the lowest cost of ownership and the most suitable cleaning solution in its class.

Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions with one-pass cleaning keep debris dry without introducing the scrub solution into the debris hopper. This provides operators and equipment owners with increased productivity and reduced maintenance. The lower total cost of ownership. CS7000 dispels the complexity and high maintenance of hydraulic systems that power conventional combination machines.

We've eliminated large hydraulic reservoirs, filters and oil coolers as well as 98% of the leak-prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors and valves. Hydraulic drives have been replaced with an intelligent system of electronically controlled, low maintenance electric drives.


  • UNIQUE: First Hybrid combination machine. 30% fuel less consumption, fewer fuel costs and emission levels. High running time on battery variant.
  • INNOVATIVE: Retractable offset deck and breakaway squeegee. New generation filtration system, variable filter shaking mechanism. DustGuard™
  • EASY TO USE AND TO SERVICE: One Touch™, Max Access ™, No Tools™. More efficient service, an extreme commonality among platforms.
  • GREEN: Hybrid technology and Ecoflex™
  • NEW AND UNIQUE OPTIONS OFFERING: Heated water, High-pressure washer




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Scrubbing Width  i
Squeegee Width  i
Sweeper Type  


Theoretical Productivity  i
Actual Productivity  i

Tank Capacities

Solution Tank Capacity  i
284 Litres
Recovery Tank Capacity  i
284 Litres


Power Source
D1305, 3 Cylinder


Brush Diameter  i
430 mm


Max Speed  i
9 km/h
Sound Pressure Level  i
81 dB(A)


Weight  i
2058 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)

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