Egholm City Ranger 2250 Suction Outdoor Sweeper

Egholm City Ranger 2250 Suction Outdoor Sweeper


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  • 35 HP & 4 cylinder engine and 4 WD - more power and ECO mode
  • Articulated flexibility - turns on a plate and gets into narrow spaces
  • Easy and simple handling - requires no special operator skills
  • Quick shift of attachments in 1 minute - the worlds fastest shift
  • Spare parts stocked for this machine with in-house trained engineers

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The Suction Sweeper is one of the most indispensable attachments designed for the Egholm 2200. The utility machine owes its all-year-round capability to this attachment. In spring the operator can clean grit and grime, left over from the winter, from streets and paths. In the autumn it takes care of the wind-blown leaves and dirt. In summer it keeps outdoor areas neat and tidy. The Suction Sweeper is eff ective everywhere – on paths and pavements, verges, driveways, outdoor and indoor parking areas, etc. The Suction Sweeper can reach almost any nook or cranny. The Suction Sweeper unit has two, three or four brushes, each with its own water sprayer, an external vacuum hose with nozzle, a water tank and a hopper for the collected rubbish. The equipment units are designed to work perfectly together – to create optimum overall eff ectiveness.

Warranty: Comes with a 12 month return to base warranty that covers parts & labour.


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