Duplex 620 Steam Floor Cleaner


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  • Pedestrian Scrubber Dryer
  • Power Source: 220-240V
  • Scrubbing Width: 550 mm
  • Recovery Tank Capacity: 6 Litres
  • Solution Tank Capacity: 6 Litres
  • Spare parts stocked for this machine with in-house trained engineers



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Model Details 

When the window of opportunity for cleaning is small and the area to be cleaned is large, the Duplex 620 Steam Floor Cleaner is the answer. With its expansive 550mm cleaning width it makes light work of big cleaning tasks. The Duplex 620 design allows 'right to the edge' cleaning on all floor surfaces.

Steam is supplied to one of the contra-rotating brushes leaving floors sanitised and almost immediately dry. In addition, the compact design and loop handle make the Duplex 620 Steam Floor Cleaner easy to use and manoeuvrable in both forward and reverse direction.

The Duplex 620 is most suitable for use in large areas where a wide cleaning width is required - for example, sports halls, dining halls, entrance lobbies and corridors. This machine is used extensively, though not exclusively, in healthcare, food factories, sports and leisure halls and educational establishments.

The machine comes as standard with fluid tanks, meaning it can be used in steam or fluid mode as required. Like it's smaller relations the Duplex 620 Steam Floor Cleaner is available with a variety of brush options, including brushes to clean carpets and hard floors (brush changing is made easy with the use of the allen key provided).

The Duplex 620 is great on carpets, tiles, wood, marble, vinyl, Timbersafe, Flotex, Marley, carpet tiles, safety floors, resin floors and many more. To ensure a really thorough clean, the thousands of bristles on each brush are inserted diagonally and rotate at 600 rpm to actively lift dirt, water and grime from the floor, leaving it clean, sanitised and dry.


Warranty: Comes with a 12 month return to base warranty that covers parts & labour.


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Scrubbing Width  i

Tank Capacities

Solution Tank Capacity  i
6 Litres
Recovery Tank Capacity  i
6 Litres


Power Source


1600 Watts


Weight  i
36 kg
Dimensions (WxDxH)

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